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3D terrain rendering and visualization: Global Mapper is amazing

worldworld Global Mapper UserPosts: 10Trusted User ✭✭
Global Mapper is just getting better and better ... we are so amazed by its performance.

It can very efficiently open two of our large-sized global mosaics: one is the 30m-resolution, seamless, global imagery mosaic (size 124GB JPEG2000 file compressed from 2.3TB raw data) and the other is the 90m-resolution SRTM mosaic (size 112GB raw data). Then we zoom in any area of interest and make endless, realistic 3D simulations. Within a few minutes, a dozen of samples are produced. It is just so customizable, and we are very pleased with the 3D results.

Some samples can be seen below:






  • mj39569mj39569 Banned Posts: 1Banned Users ✭✭
    edited May 2012
    3d technology made the changes in human life like laser mapping .As i realized that the performance of laser mapper is also similar to your global mapper .
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